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Phillip Bess October 20, 2014 Frequently Asked Questions / Login, Account & Registration

Can't login
1. If you type in your email and get an account not found message it's possible that the account was created with your Facebook login information. Please sign in using the Facebook login option.

2.If you for forgot the password please click on the forgot password link under the password field.
Please create a Glo account(from within the Glo application) and I will be glad to upgrade the account.

Phillip Bess May 3, 2013 Frequently Asked Questions / Purchase and Billing

If you purchased your Powered by Glo Application/Add-on  through Amazon or Apple App Store the upgrade happens automatically and a serial # is not needed and will not be issued. If you would like to upgrade another device, all that's required is to login with your Powered by Glo account or facebook login option (if you choose this initially ) and your other device will be upgraded.


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